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“God has put these words in my mouth. I wrote them with ink in a book.” – Book of Jeremiah

Throughout our history, the Jewish people have been known as Ahm HaSefer — the People of the Book. That book is the Torah, the ancient scrolls that records our stories, laws, and customs, and defines the very core of Jewish life. 

The Torah’s last command, the 613th Mitzvah, requires that every Jew participate in the writing of a Torah scroll. Fulfilling this ultimate commandment ensures that we will pass on our sacred traditions to future generations.

To celebrate Brotherhood Synagogue’s 70th anniversary, we have commissioned the writing of a new Sefer Torah. This Sefer Torah project allows Brotherhood’s members and our extended community a way to celebrate this milestone in the life of our congregation, as well as to participate in a mitzvah of unequal importance.

"Turn the Torah, and turn it again, for all things are in it." – Ethics of the Sages

Our new Torah is being written in Israel’s ancient community of B’nei Brak under the supervision of renowned scribe Rabbi Zerach Greenfield. Zerach will visit Brotherhood Synagogue over the course of the year to introduce the project and provide progress reports.

The writing of a Sefer Torah is a mystical event. The scribe, or sofer, uses the same tools that have been used for centuries: the highest-grade parchment, ink created from carbon, gallnuts, and honey. Each letter (and there are 304,805 of them) is painstakingly written with the use of a quill pen and style of calligraphy known in Hebrew as the “exalted script.” The scribe must have a printed copy of the Torah before him and must pronounce each word when writing to keep his mind from wandering and to prevent errors in spelling. These exacting standards ensure that the Torah produced is both accurate and sacred.

“So now, write this song for yourselves, and teach it to the children of Israel.”
– Book of Deuteronomy

Participate in the Mitzvah
Every congregant has the opportunity to endow the writing of our Torah. Whether we choose to endow a letter, a word, a parasha or an entire book, our participation will further the work of the Brotherhood Synagogue.  There may be parasha (Bar/Bat Mitzvah), passage or name that has special meaning to you.

All contributors will have their names inscribed in the Sefer Torah Project album and will receive a certificate confirming their endowment. 

Please indicate your endowment selection, name as you would like it to appear on the certificate, any dedication (in honor or in memory of) and note any special sections of the Torah you wish to include in your sponsorship. Make checks payable to Brotherhood Synagogue or pay online.

Endowment Opportunities
Sefer (Book):                                          $10,000+
Parasha (Torah Portion):                 $5,000
Special Passage:                                   $2,500
Maftir Aliya:                                           $1,000
Aliyah:                                                        $500
Pasuk (Verse):                                        $360
Shem (Specific Name):                      $180
Milah (Word):                                         $100
Letter                                                           $54
Letter (for 13-21 years of age):    $36
Letter (for children under 13):      $18

Funds raised for the Torah Project will be used towards the purchase of the Torah and all of its adornments, the repair of our existing Torahs and events associated with this project. Excess funds raised will be spent on other Brotherhood projects and needs as directed by the Board of Trustees.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784